Executive Staff

Michael W. Brose, MSW
Executive Director

Mike has dedicated his life to the eradication of stigma and discrimination aimed at people affected by mental illness.

In 1993, Mike became the Association’s Executive Director at a time when the Association could only house 12 people, and Mike could count his staff members on one hand. Today, the Association owns and manages nearly 900 units of housing dedicated to serving homeless, mentally ill individuals, and those at risk of becoming homeless. As opposed to his small staff in the early 1990s, Mike now supervises a staff of more than 150 employees.

Under Mike’s leadership, the Association has grown dramatically in the areas of advocacy, education, prevention, and housing for people who have been homeless and mentally ill. In 2010, the Association received the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits award for Top Nonprofit in the State of Oklahoma.

Gregory A. Shinn, MSW
Associate Director

Greg began his social work career in 1988 on the Bowery in Manhattan, where he worked in homeless shelters and performed street outreach in subways, parks and flophouses. Greg received his master’s degree in clinical social work from New York University in 1993. Since then, Greg has worked in a variety of settings, including state psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and home-based programs.From 1993 to 2001, Greg served as the Director of Social Services for the John Heuss House, a shelter for the homeless mentally ill in lower Manhattan’s financial district. In 2001, Greg relocated to Oklahoma to serve as our Associate Director.”I moved here to get in on the ground floor of this vision the Association had to develop a portfolio of affordable housing options by raising millions of dollars of private money, while also going after federal grants at the same time,” Greg recalled. “We had about 50 units when I first moved here in July of 2001. We now have nearly 900 units and we’ve never stopped growing.”